The "Howard" EP Sessions

Updated 03/24/14 

Here's a link to the current interview that includes info on "HOWARD"

Aug. 14th we started working on the "HOWARD" EP as a response to having two tracks chosen to be on the upcoming compilation titled "Dusty King James" on Full Armor Records. This page is to be an ongoing documentary of the progress of the project through it's development, recording, post production and final release. Stay tuned for more info as the project progresses. 

Aug.18th, we returned to Dream Catcher Recording with Chris Anderson to finish guitar and resonator tracks. Chris did a really great job.

Aug.20th, Dennis and Chris continued to work on the tracks.

Aug. 25th, We completed a vocal session booked at Stillbrook Studio Recording Studio in Rainsville. Dennis producing, Maury Roberts, engineer. All went very well, we are ready now to start post production then, final mixes,and mastering. dennis is working on this phase of the record. I'll begin working on the artwork and layout this coming week. Gotta book the photo session, etc. Got the front cover art, a painting of Howard Finster by Tommy Moorehead, the artist that did art for my "Back to the Swamp" CD.

Sept.7th Today's photo shoot for the "Howard" EP with Jeffery Smith from Fort Payne/Mentone went very well.We shot at the Iron and Coal Building in Fort Payne. Jeff has some really cool effects that he gets for his "character" images and I'm hoping to catch some of his magic.Can't wait to do an uplift/make over of this website, FB page, and press kit with the new images.

Mar.13,2014 Dennis has completed the mixes of the "Howard" EP and is now tweaking for the mastering. The EP should be the manufacturer shortly with official release within a few weeks.

Here's a sneak peek: 

JUST GOT WORD THAT "DUSTY KING JAMES" HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED. Available at I-Tunes, CDBaby, and your favorite digital download store Now.

"No Holds Barred" has been at #1 in the Number1Music/Blues charts around the world for the past 7 Weeks. Thanks to everyone for this fantastic run. Both "No Holds Barred" and "Back to the Swamp" are still in the Top 10.


The images of "HOWARD"

The Songs

 1. "No Holds Barred"  Written by Russell Gulley BMI  (Based on a sermon title by Howard Finster "Howard Finster Walked Through Hell Last Night")
 2. "Howard" Written by Russell Gulley BMI  /Concept: Howard, the Man of Visions, tell me what you see.
 3. "Get Down Off That Cross" Written by Russell Gulley BMI
 4. "When I Lay My Burden Down" PD Arranged by Russell Gulley BMI Traditional song
 that's been done by blues artists such as Furry Lewis and country artists such as Roy Acuff.
 5. "Revelator" PD Arranged by Russell Gulley BMI  Traditional Song Titled" John The Revelator"